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Aetiol™ - EDC

The most successful clinical trials begin and end with the highest quality, clean data. Data that is collected in the most streamlined and efficient way possible.

User friendly

  • Accessible – Supports IE, Firefox, Chrome, tablets and Windows
  • Easily Manageable eCRF Tools
  • Toolkits with open standard interfaces, adopted by large developer communities.
  • End-to-end solution for Devices, Data management, Connectivity, Application integration, Elastic database structure, High data security, Simple data verification system, Comprehensive report system.
  • Screens built to mirror a paper CRF, although can be customised with different backgrounds, logos, styles and Data Entry instructions.
  • Different homepages, designed to be simple for site staff, sponsor and CRAs to use.

Fully featured

  • Mobile support to provide relevant data to users.
  • Notifications to designated recipients via email on Serious Adverse Event (SAE) occurrences.
  • Clinical data exports can be facilitated in a variety of formats, such as (CSV, Excel, Text, PDF,XML).
  • Multicentre capabilities including advanced rights management.
  • Secure and reliable communication infrastructure based on Cloud platform and services.
  • Real time data by customizable operational dashboards .
  • Flexible data collection, as well as sponsor defined naming conventions.
  • The capability to develop a library of sponsor specific CRF pages enhances the efficiency while dealing with multiple projects.
  • Design flexibility to create any sponsor defined reports.
  • Aetiol™-EDC supports implementation of CDASH standards
  • Configurable standard reports, custom and ad-hoc reports. Full ad-hoc reporting enable real-time data access and management.
  • It helps reduce clinical trial time, improve accuracy, drive down costs/improve ROI, prevent risk, and use clinical trial data more efficiently.


  • Aetiol™ Clinical offer clients reasonable, straight-forward, cost effective pricing.

Data verification

  • Automatic query generation
  • Data verification on input.
  • Standardized queries


  • Aetiol™ EDC has been designed to reduce the bandwidth required for device-to-cloud connectivity while providing stable, secure, high quality data management services.
  • Two backups per day, redundant servers, failed hardware is replaced within 4 hours, 99.98% uptime.


  • Advanced security password policy.
  • 128-bit data encryption.
  • Detailed audit trails.
  • Individual user accounts.
  • Customizable access level.
  • We are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Aetiol™ being cloud based solution provides stable, secure, high quality data management services.
  • Data stored on server – no data is stored on Site PCs.
  • Hosting in the North America with 99.98% uptime. Certified data centre