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Aetiol Capture

Why Capture

It is an advanced Clinical Data Management System(CDMS) which helps in capturing, managing and reporting clinical data research. Also it optimizing data collection by efficiently streamlining clinical data collection process.

Advantages of Aetiol™- Capture

  • User-friendly design & easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Powerful and flexible software with broad control of database design and implementation.
  • Rapid project development and deployment.
  • Enhances data quality.
  • Reduce cost and enhances efficiency.
  • Allows you to manage access/privilege rights for different activities.

Aetiol™ CAPTURE differs from Aetiol™ EDC on the factor that the data is captured using the intranet system at the user’s end. Special privileges are provided to the user for offline data entry.

The software has been designed to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies & CROs, as well as research institutions and academic researchers.

Aetiol™ provides the fastest start up, rapid database lock, and more rapid FDA submissions, resulting in a greater ROI. Aetiol™ features cross-panel edit checks that fire instantly upon data entry, eliminating trial delays and need for time consuming server calls, making it easier for your users to move through their data entry.